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Stauder holding

We are a PR, advertising and marketing agency that neither gets lost in the on-line world. We provide our clients with complex advertising and marketing services, we focus on video, TV production, execute state orders and make quality documentation.

PR services

PR was once understood as a service whose role is to “equip” a media output for a client. Today, a media support is needed to make the client visible where it is needed. Of course, we are also able provide a media output. But we are able to do a lot more than that.

We are able to:
• create an effective communication strategy,
• mediate media analyses and create a marketing survey,
• effectively link offline and online PR strategies,
• address and communicate through innovative forms – blogs,
• create background in the media and network contacts,
• schedule press conferences, events or other events,
• monitor media and evaluate a success of your campaign.

Advertising services

Rich advertising experience, our effort to meet customer´s expectations and orientation in current advertising trends guarantee your satisfaction. Together we design a complex solution according to your requirements.

Tailored ad campaigns include:
• creation of short films, videos and spots,
• TV shows, movies, documents,
• outputs in newspapers,
• press releases and conferences,
• graphic works,
• creative designs of magazines, newspapers or attachments,
• design of flyer, billboards, posters and print preparation.

Political marketing

Political marketing still belongs among less known areas of marketing in the Slovak Republic. Candidates do not work regularly on themselves and their agenda. When elections approach, full post boxes are a top offer of a day. Only few candidates and political subjects realize that political marketing is a mature combination of candidates´ topics and agenda creation, modest advertising and regular intelligent PR.


That is why we are able today to:

  • sum up public moods,
  • estimate heading based on relevant surveys,
  • establish oneself into client´s environment and together with a client get to know region´s needs and its citizens,
  • create strategies and long-term plans to approach the public,
  • create candidates‘ communication agenda, search for appropriate areas of a client operation, to offer consulting or if necessary services of a spokesman,
  • build media background on the long-term basis, build contacts with media in the name of a client,
  • plan and design specific events,
  • provide media coaching,
  • build candidates´ image,
  • plan, manage and realize election campaignsfrom the production point of view,
  • lob at client´s profit.

Marketing consulting

Marketing is one of key areas for a business success, so investing in marketing is not a waste of time or money. If you are not sure or do not know how to approach it, we consult a direction it is suitable to head at a personal meeting.

We are able to help you with:
• launching your own brand on the market, branding,
• create a marketing plan, usage in practice,
• in the field of advertising, PR, online marketing,
• address your current marketing problems in your company,
• green marketing - bio, eco, environment company focus,
• mystery shopping/visit.

Online marketing

Everyone knows how to create a Facebook ad, but it is not so easy to create it effectively. We can do it. And it is not just that. We will open the doors of the on- line marketing world for you.

We will create for you:
• a communication strategy of social networks,
• a social networks content,
• a corporate blog content,
• effective advertising,
• outputs and campaign effectiveness monitoring.


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